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Jurassic Park 3D Blu-ray coming 4/23 after one week theatrical run | Engadget

January 27, 2013

From Engadget by Richard Lawler on 1/27/13

Jurassic Park 3D Bluray comes home April 23rd after its oneweek theatrical return

We’ve known since last year that Jurassic Park would make its return to theaters in 3D this April, but now Universal has also dropped the details about its Blu-ray 3D release, as well as the 2D release of all the flicks individually in March. Just to fill in the timeline: first Jurassic Park 1, 2 and 3 will hit Blu-ray/DVD individually (following the triple pack that shipped in 2011) on March 26th, then Jurassic Park in 3D arrives April 5th in regular and IMAX theaters followed finally by the Blu-ray 3D April 23rd.

While news that the flick is back on the big screen is exciting, we can’t help but think there’s a few missed opportunities here like the previously mentioned CGI, and lack of any extras detailing the conversion process on the disc. Still, some had complaints about the picture quality of the previous release and it’s possible that remastering done in the name of 3D could see a better version this time around for all viewers. Either way, after Titanic, I, Robot and even Top Gun seeing 3D re-release it appears this is definitely a trend. The individual movies are priced at $24.49 on Amazon, and the 3D combo pack is $34.99.

  1. All three films you mention in your article wrap were 3D jokes. Quality 3D requires careful attention to color, lighting, composition and conversion processes. Films like AVENGERS 3D earn 1.5B globally because the creators designed them with 3D thyat tells the story with added depth and, only sparsely, objects thrust at us in parallax space to add emphasis. Converting an old film like Jurassic Park from 2D to 3D may be a way to squeeze a few dollars out of BO but it can dilute the brand equity and damage studio rental income later.

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