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Sky plans to massively expand 3D footprint | Broadcast

January 22, 2013

From Broadcast by Alex Farber on 1/22/13

Sky is drawing up plans to significantly grow the reach of its 3D channel by making it available to many more of its 4.5m HD subscribers.

The broadcaster launched its Sky 3D channel in April 2010 as part of its top tier Sky World package, but is now considering offering genre-specific access to its its Sports and Entertainment package subscribers.

For example an Entertainment subscriber will be able to view factual programme David Attenborough’s Galapagos in 3D, while Sports subscribers could view its Ryder Cup 3D coverage.

It is not yet known if genre-based access will be at no extra charge to existing subscribers or will incur an additional cost.

A number of options are being considered for how to implement the plan. They include extending access to its 3D VoD service or opening up the linear 3D channel to relevant subscribers at appropriate times.

The move comes as Sky’s 3D output is growing from its initial offering of mainly sports and movies to include more documentaries and entertainment content.

The broadcaster is keen to build on the 350,000 Sky homes that watched the Olympic Games in 3D, and all 4.5m Sky subscribers who have an HD set top box are theoretically able to view 3D content.

A Sky spokesperson said: “As the number of Sky homes that own a compatible TV continues to grow, we are looking at the potential for even more Sky customers to experience Sky 3D.”


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