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3D technology emerges on the campaign trail | CIOL

November 26, 2012

After successfully experimenting with popular online and social platforms, a Mumbai politician leverages 3D for public campaigning.

From CIOL News by Pankaj Maru on 11/19/12

After successfully experimenting with web-conferencing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ Hangout, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi used a 3D holographic projection technology to address public meetings on Sunday.

Modi’s use of 3D technology, once again sets him apart from his detractors and political rivals in terms of his openness towards experimenting with latest technology and innovation to directly reach out to people. In terms of political scenario this is the very first attempt ever made by any political leader to address the massive gathering using such an advanced technology.

”The state-of-art technology used offers the audience/viewers a feel that the person is real and even enables them to interact with the projected ‘virtual’ person as if interacting with ‘actual person’, eliminating the need of wearing 3D glasses,” according to a communiqué posted on Modi’s website –

In simple terms, this technology creates a virtual 3D image with audio and visual effects. Rather than using the satellite transmission, the image is beamed at different locations on specialized stages using camera techniques to offer a real image viewing experience without the use of 3D glasses. Through the 3D technology, Modi addressed public meetings at four locations – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat yesterday.

The 3D holographic projection technology is also known as ”Eyeliner.” It is one of most expensive projection technologies in today’s time estimated to cost around Rs.100 crore. A Dubai based company was hired to provide the 3D technology for Modi’s election campaign, which costs around Rs.5.5 crore based on number of locations. The virtual campaign was streamed on the Internet as well as on a local TV channel ‘NaMo Gujarat’.

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  1. ralf permalink

    Truly Orwellian…

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