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Glasses free 3D tablet to launch in 2013 | 3D Focus

November 6, 2012

The NEO3DO Android tablet features an 8” 1280 x 768 resolution glasses free 3D touch display, 1GB of RAM, a front (0.3 Megapixel) and rear (2.0 Megapixel) camera, a gravity acceleration sensor and Wi-Fi connection.

From 3D Focus on 11/6/12

The screen uses lenticular LCD technology to support 3D viewing which can be 3D image formats such as JPEG 3D and MPO – 3D and 3D video formats such as MPO video, JPG (L/R Interleaving) and Side-by-Side so YouTube 3D video can be watched without glasses.

Neo3do Bengal tiger 475x348 New glasses free 3D tablet to launch in 2013

“We want to get as much content, games, and other cool stuff optimized for the tablet as possible before we turn anyone loose with them”. DAVID BRIGGS, 3D FILM CONNECTION

Despite the failures on the LG Optimus 3D and Nintendo 3DS, David Briggs from the 3D Film Connection sees the NEO3DO in a different league: “I dont believe the 3DS and LG Optimus 3D are in the same category, they are small and are not optimized for 3D content consumption. The 8″ size is enjoyable for movies, games, interactive education and is also a killer 2D Android tablet!” he told 3D Focus.

In-built will be 2D to 3D video conversion software and the display is said to provide 30% pop out and 70% depth.

Looking at the specification, it appears to be a rebranded version of the Gadmei T863-3D Tablet, so the company must offer the tablet as a white label product. However, the company behind the NEO3DO aim to position themselves as ready to build 3D apps for the device.

“We are getting some interest on some of our other sites. For example, if you search google for 3D app quotes or 3D app development you will see some more of our offerings. We are positioning ourselves to be ready as this becomes increasingly a need.” said Briggs.

The product will launch on Jan 2 2013, and will include some 3D content, perhaps on a USB drive included with the tablet, as well as the ability to stream 3D content. The pre-order price in the US is $262 with international shipping an option.

Briggs tells us “Our plans for selling the NEO3DO 8″ is a secret sauce of low inventory, large quantity business to business sales, public e-commerce, and strategic marketing. The NEO3DO 8″ is our first tablet. The tablet is a 2 view with a comfortable viewing distance and sweet spot. This is a low cost and great value 3D tablet made to get into peoples hands and test the format, begin special development, and to show that it is a reality.”

The market for 3D tablets is not clear and the mute response to the LG Optimus 3D did not spur a release of 3D tablets. Even WikiPad, the games console/tablet being released this year, will no longer ship with a 3D screen, despite being billed as a 3D tablet computer at CES.

via New glasses free 3D tablet to launch in 2013 | 3D News from 3D Focus.

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    financing options for the app would be timely. Any ideas?

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  2. Very Nice Glass free 3d tablet…

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