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Will £150 3DTVs spark the UK 3D market? | 3D Focus

November 5, 2012

Turkish brand Finlux is now selling full HD 1080p 3D televisions with four pairs of 3D glasses for ultra-low prices.

From 3D Focus on 11/5/12

Prices start at £149.99 for a 22” set which includes an in-built Freeview PVR and LED backlighting up to £349.99 for a 42” model which is bundled with eight pairs of glasses. Despite the low prices, all Finlux 3D TVs use passive technology, once the preserve of high end 3D TVs priced at higher points than active 3D TVs.

Despite not being as well known as LG or Sony, Finlux has been manufacturing TVs since 1964 and the owner is the world’s third largest television manufacturer with 25% of the UK TV market. They have also attracted good reviews from TV journalists.

The prices of 3D TVs are clearly no longer a barrier to take up and it is easy to agree with the high sales predictions forecast by various reports. You can even buy an LG 3D Blu-ray player for less than £70. However, it is a different matter as to whether people will use the 3D functionality of these sets in any significant numbers, when many find 3D an uncompelling experience in the home. Time will soon tell…

via 3D TVs plummet to as low as £150 | 3D News from 3D Focus.


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