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Busting 3D Myths of the 1950s

October 21, 2012


This is a guest article that was originally published at the 3D Film Archive by Bob Furmanek who has kindly allowed us to share it here with you:

Several books have been written over the years on Golden Age 3-D movies which contain a great deal of wrong information. Unfortunately, that erroneous information has been copied and spread throughout the Internet.

In many cases, the myth has now become fact.

For the past 22 years, we have searched with a fine tooth comb through studio correspondence and production files as well as industry trade journals from the period of 1951 – 1955.  Utilizing documented, primary source materials such as Daily Variety, Boxoffice, Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer, Exhibitor, Motion Picture Herald, Film Daily, Showman’s Trade Review, Film Bulletin, Motion Picture Daily, Harrison’s Reports, International Sound Technician and other industry journals, we are able to document this period of technological development (including widescreen…

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