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3D Entertainment Summit 2012 wrap up: a “spectacular year” | Hollywood Today

September 23, 2012

By Brian Zink

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 9/22/12/ – In 2012, 3D, ticket sales were better than last year …and this year is not even over. The 3D Entertainment Summit was back again too, with a great line-up of speakers.

The 5th annual 3D Entertainment Summit was held at the Hollywood/Highland Center …September 19 through September 20. Located adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel in the center of Hollywood, the Summit was well attended. Here are few highlights from this excellent conference. It kicked off with Jeffrey Katzenberg calling for producers to deliver:

“Exceptional 3D”

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dream Works Animation feels this will encourage audiences to spend more money on premium tickets. Many people are pushing to lower the price of 3D while others feel that could move the price of 2D to a higher price to match the off set of 3D pricing.  More on this later by Joe Palette, CEO of Spotlight Theaters. He made his remarks on Wednesday via a 3D taped interview at the 3D Entertainment Summit.

Katzenberg noted ecstatically that 2012 was a “spectacular year” worldwide at the box office. He claimed audiences went through a phase but now feels 3D is a stable product. “Some people tried to capitalize on the gimmick of 3D rather than giving a quality experience and trying to deliver something exceptional to audiences, and the audience really snapped back on us,” he stated.  “But I think the trend is growing, and we’re starting to earn back trust and respect from the audience.”

Katzenberg also sees the critical response to a film’s use of 3D as having become more influential for moviegoers. “We can very clearly see a correlation between movies that are reviewed by critics as having high-quality 3D … the rate of ticket sales is off significantly for those that (aren’t).” As for the small screen, he felt that while home viewers are warming up to the notion of investing in a 3D television, one big speed bump toward mainstream acceptance remains the lack of 3D programming.

“There still isn’t much to watch,“ he said. “Making that incremental investment, people want to know that there’s use and value in that. Sports has been pretty good, but it’s still pretty limited in 3D product you can get on a TV set.”

New Global 3D Market Place:

Richard Cooper

Panel Moderator, Richard Cooper, Principal Analyst from IHS Screen Digest, stated the international markets like China will incubate the growth of 3D. “China is still incredibly dominant (in 3D expansion).” He continued, “In the last 12 months, they’ve more than doubled the number of 3D screens in the country. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of countries that can boast more than 200 3D screens.” He  also warned that 3D will not truly take off in the home until glasses-free 3D technology becomes viable. Cooper then shared these statistics:

– About 60% of screens worldwide have converted to digital.

– About 44% of digital screens in North America are 3D-capable.

– The number of 3D screens outside the U.S. reached 27,000, up 51% year-on-year.

– The biggest barrier to 3D adoption is that it remains very event-based viewing.

– Affordable glasses free 3D are still several years away.

Another possible change that will affect the cost of content to theater goers comes courtesy of Joe Palette, CEO of Spotlight Theaters, who offers his thoughts on the future of movie exhibition in the latest issue of Screen Trade Magazine:

“Among the bigger changes, we’ll probably see the 3D up-charge disappear. 3D charges will help increase the overall ticket price but, as an industry, I think we’ll see a blend begin to emerge in 2012, where patrons will have a single price for both 2D and 3D films. 2D prices will increase and 3D prices will decrease.”

Buzz Hays

3D Hollywood Masters Panel  – What Makes Good 3D?

Moderator: Buzz Hays, Stereoscopic 3D Film & Television Producer & Consultant; past Chairman of the International 3D Society.

In 2012, Hays founded the True Image Company, which is a full service S3D production, design and research company dedicated to 3D productions for film and television professionals. Hays is a sought-after speaker and educator for S3D. For the Sony 3D Technology Center, He served as director of engineering at Lucasfilm THX where he was responsible for all research and development efforts.

This Panel dove right into what makes good 3D. Not surprising, it tied right into what Mr. Katzsenberg had expressed for the opening of the Summit, “Exceptional 3D” Hays asked, “What then makes good 3D?”

Charlotte Huggins

Charlotte Huggins, one of the most prolific producers of 3D films in the world, was included in Daily Variety‘s prestigious “2008 Women’s Impact List.” She held the position of President and Head of Production for 10 years, serving as producer of all of nWave’s productions, including: Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun (Sony Classics), 3D Mania: Encounter in the Thrid Dimension, Alien Adventure (3D), Haunted Castle (3D), S.O.S. Planet (3D), and Misadventures in 3D.

Ms. Huggins stated, “3D needs to be invisible—we can hide the technology today.” She further explained that the cost factor for shooting does not take any longer than it would for a 2D production.  “On a typical 3D production, we only added 1 1/2 pages more to our script.”

“We had down time, and it’s equal to no more, no less than a straight non-3D shoot.”

One of the panel discussions on 3D content was highlighted by opportunities to sell to manufacturers who are looking for promotional content.

Principal Media CEO David Brenner said, “Samsung is paying up to $4,000 a minute for 3D content, and LG is paying about $1000, better than what can be expected for licensing content to a 3D channel.” The panel agreed that international markets are experiencing a growing demand for 3D, both in production and distribution.

Mamie Van Doren

I had the opportunity to meet Mamie Van Doren while attending the evening’s networking cocktail reception. She was there to promote a 3D Television series in which she just happens to be the lead actress.

Ms. Van Doren is signed to do a new 3D series for television called Sawdust, which looks like an interesting series. We all know Boardwalk Empire, another American television series from the cable network HBO, set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition era. Now the 3D period piece Sawdust will give us stories and the fascinating lives of circus people, as all the characters come from unusual back grounds. We all remember hearing about running away to join the Circus, Well now you can do it in 3D every week!

Ms. Van Doren will play “Victoria,” the glamorous but tough-minded owner of a 1930s Depression-era circus struggling to keep the show on the road. This marks Mamie’s first acting role since her cameo appearance in the 2002 Dewey Nicks film, Slackers. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be participating in a cutting-edge project like Sawdust, said Miss Van Doren. “I always wanted to run away and join the circus, and playing the role of ‘Victoria’ is my chance to do that.  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I can’t wait for audiences to experience this wonderful series in 3D.”

Mamie’s heroines were tough and street wise, yet always with a heart of gold—a dynamic combination of Jean Harlow, Mae West and Lana Turner. Should make a great combination for this new series. And in 3D no less!

Thursday’s Session of the 3D Entertainment Summit, wrapped up with their Visionary Award going to Cameron and Pace jointly.

James Cameron and Vincent Pace, co-founders and co-chairmen of Cameron Pace Group, jointly received the 3D Visionary Award at Thursday’s 3D Entertainment Summit, held at the Hollywood and Highland Center. The duo won the award for their work and contribution to 3D, including Avatar. Cameron, who was unable to attend the summit, addressed attendees via a 3D video recording in which he affirmed the future of the medium. “Through this entire time, we’ve believed — firmly — that 3D is the way entertainment is going. We’ve never backed down from that,” he said.

3D Entertainment Summit 2012: a “spectacular year” worldwide.

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