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Cameron and Pace honored with 3D Visionary Award | Variety

September 21, 2012

From Variety by Eddie Kim on 9/20/12

James Cameron and Vincent Pace, co-founders and co-chairmen of Cameron Pace Group, jointly received the 3D Visionary Award at Thursday’s 3D Entertainment Summit, held at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

The duo won the award for their influence and work in the 3D sphere, including “Avatar.” Cameron, who was unable to attend the summit, addressed attendees via a 3D video recording in which he affirmed the future of the medium. “Through this entire time, we’ve believed — firmly — that 3D is the way entertainment is going. We’ve never backed down from that,” he said.

James Cameron partner Vince Pace tubthumbed the tech at the 3D Entertainment Summit.

Vince Pace at the 3D Entertainment Summit.

In a subsequent Q&A session with Variety associate editor David Cohen, Pace spoke at length about the rapid evolution of 3D and the challenge to streamline the process — especially when it comes to seeing 3D camera rigs as a viable way to shoot.

“I was watching ESPN Classics, and there was a Muhammad Ali fight on — and after the fight, two guys jumped into the ring carrying this mini microwave/refrigerator-type device,” Pace said. “That was the first color camera. It takes two guys, looks like a fridge … We didn’t say at the time, ‘Forget it! It’s over.'”

Pace admitted that he understands this knee-jerk “Medusa effect,” as he called it, when it comes to adopting 3D on shoots. But he said the rapid development of 3D technologies brings to mind the evolution of mobile phones and reasserted that breakthroughs are coming soon. “There’s all this technology that’s blending itself into common products,” Pace said.

For Cameron and Pace, the development of 5D — the combining of 3D and 2D shooting from one rig — is one example of the hybridization of technologies that lead to simplified productions (Pace pointed to ESPN’s adoption of the technology across its college football slate). Pace also praised China as a “tremendous resource and great partner,” explaining that the country has become a proving ground for new 3D tech and projects.

via James Cameron, Vincent Pace honored with 3D Visionary Award – Entertainment News, Technology News, Media – Variety.

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