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Petco ready for fish buying surge from ‘Finding Nemo’ 3D release |

September 16, 2012

Last time Nemo hit the box office sales of clown fish went way up, but Petco warns that approx. 25% of first-time fish keepers abandon the hobby within the first 12 months.

"Finding Nemo 3D" expected to do well at box office this weekend as Petco sets up for the surge of fish buying movie fans!

Article from by Roz Zurko on 9/15/12

“Finding Nemo” comes back to theaters this weekend in 3D and it’s expected to boost the drowning box office. Last weekend was the worst weekend the box office has seen in ticket sales since the one following 9/11. While theaters get ready for the swarms of kids, one nationwide retailer is ready for the same type of surge in customers that they experienced when the movie first came out in 2003.

This is the same “Finding Nemo” your kids watched in 2003 and probably another dozen times since then. The difference is that this refurbished film will have the characters coming off the screen with the 3D technology applied to the movie.

Even with the saturation of the original film, “Finding Nemo” 3D is expected to top the box office this weekend, according to MTV. The first time this movie was released it came with the big box office numbers, which was almost a decade ago. Back then it prompted many of the enthusiastic movie fans to get a pet fish.

Petco is ready for that surge this weekend once again, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Saturday morning, as it plans to educate the families on fish ownership. Last time “Finding Nemo” hit the box office big numbers, the sales of clown fish went way up, but then another statistic kicked in, which Petco wants to avoid this time around. According to Pet Products News:

“One out of every four first-time fish keepers, with an aquarium of 5 to 55 gallons, abandons the hobby within the first 12 months, according to United Pet Group Inc.”

This is what happened with many of the spur of the moment “Finding Nemo” purchases when the movie first hit the screen. This time Petco is ready with selling “Finding Nemo” aquarium kits. This is a freshwater set-up which is much easier to care for than the elaborate salt-water setup needed for a clown fish. Petco is hoping the scaled down version will work as an introductory into fish ownership for families.

This is quite the responsible thing for this company to do as the salt-water setups needed for a clownfish like Nemo costs a good deal more than the smaller kits they are selling. Instead going for the big profits from the expensive saltwater setups that go along with the Nemo-like fish, they are directing families towards the smaller and affordable start-up kit. The families can eventually work up to bigger and better if the starter kit seems to hold interest for the kids.

The Petco staff is ready to educate the families about the benefits of starting small and working up when it comes to owning fish. This “Finding Nemo” kit will satisfy the need to own a fish for the children coming out of this movie and it won’t break the bank for the parents.

The Petco website has the “Finding Nemo” aquarium kits selling for under $20 dollars where the salt water aquarium set-ups range from about $100 with some very elaborate designs up near the $500 mark.

Reference: MTV, Pet Products News, Petco, Fox and Friends live

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