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Cameron points to scripted drama in call for 3D investment | Broadcast

September 13, 2012

Hollywood director James Cameron has urged broadcasters to invest in 3D content and has identified scripted TV drama as the next big opportunity for the emerging format.

Article courtesy of Broadcast, by Alex Farber on 9/13/12

Speaking to Broadcast after signing a deal with Sky for his Cameron Pace Group to provide Ryder Cup 3D coverage, Cameron said it was vital broadcasters backed stereoscopic shows.

“A rising tide will raise all ships. The more broadcasters introduce 3D programming, the more people will buy the sets, and the more the consumer electronics companies will improve the display technology,” he said.

“The next low-hanging fruit is scripted dramatic content because it needs few cameras and no visual effects. That’s a place where 3D can be done inexpensively.”

In addition, 3D has the potential to have more impact in TV drama than in big-budget cinema releases, Cameron argued.

“Movies in 3D are already spectacular because you’re spending $200m, blowing up buildings and adding visual effects. But film an intimate drama in 3D, with a handful of people and scenes in small spaces, and all of a sudden you’re right there with them,” he said.

Cameron also dismissed the emergence of Ultra High Definition formats as a potential threat to 3D, adding the two will eventually merge into “full HD 3D”.

“If you poke out one eye and your other eye is 20:20 vision, that’s Super HD, but that’s not how people see the world,” he said.

“Making content in finer resolutions will happen but it still won’t be stereoscopic. Depth and resolution are completely different.”

via Cameron points to scripted drama in call for 3D investment | News | Broadcast.

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