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30% more bananas sold thanks to 3D | 3D Focus

September 6, 2012

Produced in association with Swedish 3D production company WizzCom, the fruity in-store experience in Solna Business Park, Stockholm, consisted of a bespoke wooden Chiquita branded stand with an Alioscopy screen. The glasses free 3D display ran video of CGI animated bananas, much to the fascination of the shoppers.

After six months of experimentation, Chiquita has reported an average 30% increase in banana sales. This evidence supports The University of Tilberg’s research released earlier this year. The Uni, along with Dimenco and Red Bull, compared average Red Bull sales at point of sale units in a store, one with no display, one with a 2D display and one with an autostereoscopic display.

According to the data, on average a customer looked at the 3D screen 3 seconds longer than the 2D screen (10.92 seconds) which translated to a 45% increase of attention and a 75% increase compared to no display at all.

More importantly, during the period of testing, the sales of Red Bull products at the petrol station with the 3D display increased by 8.5%.

via 30% more bananas sold thanks to 3D | 3D News from 3D Focus.

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