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LG inks 3D content deal with Disney | Gadget Guy Australia

August 31, 2012

LG adds 3D content from Disney’s for renting on its Smart TVs, including recently released  “The Avengers 3D.”



From Gadget Guy Australia | 08/31/2012

3D TVs are great, but there’s always that lack of content to deal with. Our local DVD rental place doesn’t stock 3D Blu-rays, and we’re guessing yours doesn’t either. In fact, few online video rental places have them, but that’s about to change.

From this week, LG has added 3D content from Disney’s library for renting on its Smart TVs, even including the recently released flick “The Avengers” completely in 3D.

“We’re delighted to be bringing The Walt Disney Studios quality family entertainment to LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TV’s,” said Brad Reed, LG’s Senior Marketing Manager for Content and Services in Australia.

“The availability of these titles including blockbuster 3D favorites is a great example of our commitment to providing customers with the best 3D content, and we will continue to expand the offering in the future.”

Outside of the few 3D titles that hit TiVo’s Caspa service, it’s the first time we’ve heard of premium content arriving in 3D for rental on an online system, and it should offer some great stuff for the whole family.

Currently, the library offers Disney’s Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tron Legacy, The Lion King, and even Pixar favorites such as Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

Strangely, a few titles are missing in action, including Toy Story 3 and Beauty and the Beast.

The titles start at $6.59 for a rental with a 48 hour window for viewing, but LG will be offering $100 credit for people who join up with the LG Smart TV apps service between September 13th and November 7th, 2012, with the credit expiring on December 31st this year. If you’ve already joined, the 3D movies are available, but sadly the free $100 is out of reach.

via LG offers 3D content without leaving the Smart TV – Gadget Guy Australia.

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