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Gamblers get all shook up by new Elvis 3D casino game | 3D Focus

August 30, 2012

International Gaming Technology reveals a new 3D Multi-Layer Display to enhance entertainment value of casino machines.


IGT showcasing 3D gaming technology for casinos

From 3D Focus on 8/21/12

Visitors to the Australasian Gaming Expo In Sydney, which started today, will see the technology paired with a new game – Elvis The King®. This new title is now available in Australia exclusively on the IGT bluechip Neo® Tower Top cabinet after successful launches in other global markets, along with many new games and products.

Eric Tom, IGT executive vice president of Global Sales said “Our research indicates that many players are entertainment seekers who are attracted to iconic brands and IGT delivers this with our pop culture hit Elvis The King®. This game has been adapted to suit the Australasian players’ playing style. The 3D capabilities of MLD with Elvis The King® also provides venues with a strong differentiator as they look to broaden gaming’s appeal and provide something special for players.”

The 3D MLD screens use two separate LCD panels to create a pseudo 3D effect. They are positioned in front of each other and different game elements move between the front and back screens which is designed to increase game play options and engagement.

Multi Layered approach to casino gaming 475x399 IGT showcasing 3D gaming technology for casinos

3D games encoded for the MLD technology are called REELdepth 3D which are designed to replicate machines of the past. “Players no longer have to search the casino floor for their favorite game. The virtual slot reels in REELdepth(TM) games emulate the look, sound and feel of the older IGT ‘legacy’ mechanical reel counterparts, so players immediately feel comfortable playing them,” said Ryan Griffin, Product Manager for IGT’s Standard games.

“The possibilities of MLD(R) REELdepth(TM) on our AVP(R) machines, with Multi-Game capability, are endless. Our huge library of game choices gives operators flexibility that no one else can offer,” he added. “And players love the true 3D game play of REELdepth(TM). Players can change from spinning-reel to video games right at their seats”.

via IGT showcasing 3D gaming technology for casinos | 3D News from 3D Focus.

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