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Euro 3D content platform set to launch in the US | 3D Focus

July 20, 2012

3D Focus interviews the marketing director of 3doo, an online 3D video content sharing service currently available throughout Europe.


Article re-posted from 3D Focus 7/19/12:

The 3doo 3D video platform is on target to reach 70% of 3D devices by the end of 2012. In our exclusive interview, we ask how the company has expanded so quickly in two years and question the decision to launch in a crowded marketplace when demand is yet to be proven.

3doo app on Panasonic TV 3doo platform set to reach 70% of 3D devices by end of 2012

3doo is an online 3D video content sharing device neutral service currently available throughout Europe including Germany, the UK and Russia. 3doo will launch in the US and Canada within the next few weeks and offers a revenue sharing model where people can charge consumers to watch their 3D content. An advertising revenue sharing model will also be introduced.

We speak to 3doo marketing director Ingo Nadler and started by asking how she would summarise 3doo…

3D Focus: How would you summarise 3doo?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo is the one-stop global platform to bring all kinds of premium and personal 3D content to any 3D and 2D device worldwide. We have set out to be the 3D platform that will benefit and amaze consumers by accessing and sharing anything 3D from one single platform. It also benefits the industry by allowing very specific international advertising, and producers by providing the greatest flexibility to promote and monetise their content. 3doo has big goals. We have partnered with the best and invite everyone to join.

3D Focus: You suggest 3doo will cater for 3D gaming – can you elaborate on this?

Ingo Nadler: This is a little down the road. The 3doo team has more than 10 years of background in real time 3D generation from applications and optimisation of stereoscopic content – I will leave the opportunities that may come from this to your imagination for the time being. Expect to hear more this year.

3D Focus: What is ‘3doo for fitness’?

Ingo Nadler: 3D video offers many interesting applications in sports, from optimising motion patterns to providing enhanced insights. The benefit of 3D really is manifold. There will be more announced soon.

3D Focus: What is business model for 3doo?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo, does not at this time, buy the rights to content. We strictly revenue share and function as an open distribution channel for producers and rights owners – directly into millions of living rooms.

3D Focus: What is the roll out schedule for 3doo?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo is live and pre-installed today on about 1 Million 3-D TV’s across Europe. We are adding more regions and TV brands on a roughly monthly basis, giving 3doo a reach of nearly 70% of the global 3-D TV market by the end of 2012 – this alone through the contracts we have already signed. Players for Android (e.g. HTC Evo 3D or LG Optimus 3D), Apple iOS (connect the iPad to the TV) and Windows PC’s are all in beta right now. Plans for the roll-out are mostly political. Publishing the 3doo Player for Android to allow sharing of personal content through my3doo is high on our priority list and will likely be first.

3D Focus: What 3D viewing options will you offer on computers?

Ingo Nadler: We currently offer a basic red/cyan anaglyph mode on certain devices. However, we believe that these more exotic viewing modes are of limited real value to a mass market. Anaglyph should be seen as a teaser to up-sell the real thing. On top of that, we support side by side and anamorphous side by side.

3D Focus: Why does 3DX offer better quality 3D? In what way is it better quality?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo has filed patents regarding improving the 3D viewing experience by employing some advanced correction processes. I cannot get into the details, but it will address common problems with 3D on various devices.

3doo interface 3doo platform set to reach 70% of 3D devices by end of 2012

3D Focus: Will there be a quality assurance process for user uploaded 3D content? 

Ingo Nadler: Absolutely. 3doo is committed to providing premium 3D to their end users. In fact, we consider this essential. Also all content has to be family-friendly. Films that are uploaded to be published on 3doo are submitted for screening before they are released. This includes 3D quality as well as compliance with the 3doo content guidelines.

3D Focus: Please describe the 3Doo Smart Screening process.

Ingo Nadler: The 3doo system automatically assigns new content to registered screeners, allowing us to scale the screening process fast when 3doo scales up globally. Also our screening tool has been tailored specifically for 3D videos allowing screeners to detect common problems faster.

3D Focus: Are you confident that there will be a demand for 3doo, especially when there are so many other competing services such as 3DGO! LG Explore 3D and YouTube 3D etc?

Ingo Nadler: We firmly believe that 3doo will offer a very compelling variety of features and content. We are already in negotiations with many large producers and studios regarding VOD and live content – on a global scale. We pay very much attention to ease-of-use and accessibility. Plus we are working on some very advanced stuff that will keep us well ahead of any purely streaming competition. One big advantage over any manufacturer’s solution obviously is our complete hardware independence. One platform plays on 70% of all available hardware.

3D Focus: It has proven difficult to persude people to pay a premium for 3D in the home – does this concern you?

Ingo Nadler: People like to be entertained by good content and not be annoyed by continuous advertising. Companies like Netflix and Hulu have to deal with this reality. We believe, consumers should have a choice and will offer services with a real value to end users. In the end, some end users are willing to sit through short commercial interruptions for free content. Other content, such as feature films, lend themselves to an overall viewing experience which some end users are willing to pay a premium for. We believe we can have that type of balance.

3D Focus: Will it be the producer’s decision as to how much they charge for their content?

Ingo Nadler: Yes. The market will regulate itself. There will be some parameters and some guidelines, but we feel this model lends itself to a better product.  Additionally, once our payment system is in place, we will also allow advertising revenue share to producers as an additional option to charging for content, in essence creating an incentive to more free to view content.

3D Focus: Why would someone upload their content to 3doo rather than YouTube 3D?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo is not like YouTube. We specialise in 3D, make it very easy to access and present films very differently. If someone likes 3D and wants to watch some cool 3D videos, share his/her own 3D videos among friends and navigate easily, there really is no choice. Commercially produced content will also be separated from basic user uploaded content.

3D Focus: How will 3doo benefit advertisers?

Ingo Nadler: 3doo’s advertising system is already in public testing. We offer billboard style banners, short pre-rolls and some unique advertising forms that are unobtrusive. Each of these are targetable by country, context, device and soon also by user demographics. All of these come with complete statistics for the advertiser.

3D Focus: How can 3D producers register their interest?

Ingo Nadler: At 3doo we are very excited about being live and bringing such a great and innovative platform to the masses. We want to offer a fun experience to the end user and as such, would appreciate any feedback from our users including anything you’d like to see from us. We also would like to encourage producers and content rights owners to register at and put any free-to-view content onto 3doo now.

Original article from 3D Focus here.

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