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DirecTV pulls plug on 24-hour 3D channel | FierceCable

June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012 | By Steve Donohue

Just two years after it launched one of the first 24-hour channels dedicated to 3D programming, DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) said it has converted its n3D channel to a part-time programming channel that will feature occasional events such as NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

DirecTV teamed up with Panasonic (NYSE: PC) to launch a trio of n3D channels, including a 24-hour channel programmed with movies, documentaries and other 3D content, an n3D pay-per-view channel and video-on-demand channel. But the top satellite-TV provider has struggled to acquire enough 3D content needed to program a dedicated 3D channel.

“While 3D adoption continues to grow and more programming is being developed, DirecTV has decided to move n3D to a part-time channel,” DirecTV said in a statement. The company noted that it still offers subscribers 3D programming from ESPN and 3net, the 3D channel owned by Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX.

Consumer Reports first reported the n3D news Thursday.

DirecTV’s n3D move is a setback for CE manufacturers that had hoped interest in 3D programming would spur sales of widescreen HDTVs with 3D capabilities. It’s not the first dedicated 3D channel to fold. In January, France’s Canal Plus shuttered its 3D network, citing a “lack of enthusiasm among subscribers” for 3D programming.

While 3D programming has lost momentum, the sector could eventually see a revival with the launch of autostereoscopic, or glasses-free 3DTVs. ESPN may also be able to drive more interest in 3D programming in 2014, when it plans to begin shooting National Football League games in 3D.

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  1. Ben Dolphin permalink

    Hey Mark…thanks for the bad news!((( That does not auger well for all us 3D invested folk! So sorry to hear of these two channels cutting back on broadcast. Where will London Olympics be broadcast in 3D in US? Fingers crossed to see a resurgence with tablets and mobile devices soon!!

    • Hey Ben – Oh, you know how I love to brighten everyone’s day! Looks like they will still broadcast occasional 3D programs, including the 2012 Olympics.

      I’m still very optimistic that autostereo tablets and devices will establish the beachhead for which 3D really takes hold in the CE market. Unfortunately, awareness of these displays/devices is still low and it takes efforts like yours to change this.

      Your demo reel on our EVO 3D was nothing short of stunning – it just needs (much) more visibility!

      Keep on truckin’, my friend…

  2. Now you can buy your own…

    The first 3D Eyewear store launch in the U.S.

    On Jun 29th we opened our first store at the Arcadia California Westfield Santa Anita mall. Come by and see all the top designer brands or 3D glasses. Fasionable glasses for adults and themed glasses for kids. 3dom 3D Eyewear is the only store in the U.S. to carry licensed 3D glasses from the movie production companies.

  3. jay shelley permalink

    Until the glasses go, broadcast 3D is not viable.

    • Hi Jay – Thank you for your comment! While I agree that 3D glasses are a hindrance to adoption, it appears that 3DTV (with glasses) is taking hold in Europe and Asia. Do you think the US market has a different tolerance or expectation? Would love to hear your thoughts – thanks in advance!


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