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May 23, 2012

MasterImage 3D Blog

People often ask us about the types of content they’ll be able to experience on a glasses-free 3D tablet. There are of course 3D movies, games, apps, music videos, etc. But there’s always one 3D content genre that gets a surprised reaction: The 3D book.

3D Children's Book

Now, we’re not talking about rendering The Brothers Karamazov in 3D. Rather, we’re talking about books that rely heavily on illustrations or photography that could truly benefit from a stereo 3D experience. Some examples include…

Children’s books. Imagine the depth 3D could bring to a classic fairy tale. Or a digital version of the classic “pop-up book” with images flying off the screen. There’s a whole new genre of children’s literature waiting to be enabled by 3D.

Comics app for iPadComics and graphic novels. While purists may prefer their copies of X-Men bagged and boarded“, more and more are using apps like Comics to read issues…

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