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Nokia and Samsung have 3D in their sights – Rethink Wireless

May 18, 2012

Patents found proving an interest in display technology

Article link here.

Last year 3D displays seemed like one of the hottest new smartphone features, to HTC and LG at least, and now it looks like Nokia and Samsung are considering getting in on the game. While the 3D display technology failed to ignite the consumers’ interest patents filed by both companies shows that they’ve been looking into using three dimensional screens in their own handsets. The patents may have been filed a while ago but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that a future Lumia or Galaxy 3D is on the horizon.

According to the patent for Nokia its 3D device would use similar screens to HTC and LG’s handset which are able to display a different image to each eye creating the 3D effect. Also similar to the other companies’ handsets is the fact that the 3D effect can be turned on or off. Samsung’s display would work on a similar principle where different information is transmitted to each eye.

It’s interesting to know that the Lumia-maker and Galaxy-maker have been considering using 3D tech in their smartphones though there’s no doubt it’s fairly low on the list of features consumers want on their devices. Also as far as any Windows Phone devices go the simple UI isn’t exactly screaming out to be displayed in an extra dimension.

Anyone after a 3D phone who doesn’t want to wait to see what, if anything, Nokia or Samsung have up their sleeves an updated version of the LG Optimus 3D was released back in April. Known as the Optimus 3D Max that handset didn’t show an awful amount of improvement over its predecessor which was released a year earlier. Aside from several tweaks to the way it displays 3D content the main difference between the two is an extra 512MB of RAM in the newer model. As far as Android goes it doesn’t even come with ICS pre-installed and instead makes do with Android 2.3.


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