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Are expectations for 3D too high (vs. HD)?

May 15, 2012

I just read the following article entitled: “Report: Industry Needs to Lower 3DTV Expectations.” Article here.

In the article, the analyst being interviewed states that:

– “the industry needs to stop comparing 3D to HD,” and

– “the fact that just 6% of U.S. broadband households have 3DTV underscores that the format’s higher pricing compared with non-Internet-enabled 2DTV and dearth of 3D programming continue to stymie wider consumer adoption.”

While I absolutely agree that we need more 3D programming (disclaimer: this is core to 423 Digital’s business), I’m interested in the underlying data from which these relative conclusions are made.

From my research, I found that 3DTV sales are outpacing HDTV by orders of magnitude (4.7 million vs. 500 thousand, respectively, after three years). See chart:

I haven’t come across a better analog for 3DTV adoption then HDTV. I actually wrote about this last week: “How do you quantify demand for mobile 3D content?. However, I’m certainly open to new ideas or suggestions.

What do you think?

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